Getting Care

Driving Directions

From Langley Air Force Base Visitor Center (15 Lasalle Avenue, Hampton, Virginia 23661-3530

  1. Start out going west on Lasalle Avenue / VA-167 toward Chesapeake Avenue.
  2. Continue to follow VA-167.
  3. Then 0.13 miles, take the first right onto East Avenue.
  4. East Avenue is 0.1 miles past Chesapeake Avenue.
  5. If you reach Cherokee Road you've gone a little too far.
  6. Then 0.09 miles, take the first right onto Spottswood Place.
  7. If you reach Kenmore Drive you've gone a little too far.
  8. Then 0.12 miles, turn left onto Lasalle Avenue / VA-167.
  9. Then 3.89 miles, turn right onto Tide Mill Lane.
  10. Then 0.10 miles, Take the first left.
  11. Just past Gateway Drive.
  12. If you reach Gateway Drive you've gone a little too far.
  13. Then 0.19 miles.
  14. 77 Nealy Avenue, Hampton, Virginia 23665-2040

Joint Base Langley-Eustis Information


77 Nealy Avenue
Hampton, Virginia 23665-2040

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