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Perioperative Services

The Department of Anesthesia, Pre-Anesthesia Clinic, Same-Day Surgery, and Post-anesthesia Care Unit provides the highest quality of professional anesthesia and perioperative nursing care to our warriors and their beneficiaries. Our goal is to coordinate and collaborate with our surgeon colleagues to ensure that patient-focused, safe, quality care is completed throughout the surgical continuum.

Pre-Anesthesia Clinic: Surgical candidates who require additional pre-anesthesia screening will be referred to the Pre-Anesthesia clinic. There you will be interviewed by our pre-anesthesia nurse, and you may also be assessed by a member of our anesthesia staff. Your appointment will be scheduled through the referring surgical specialty clinic. Please bring a current list of all your medications, and please obtain all necessary lab work, including your electrocardiography, or EKG, if applicable prior to your Pre-Anesthesia clinic visit.

Same-Day Surgery, or SDS: Same day surgery allows you to spend the night prior to surgery with your family. Your doctor and your type of surgery will determine whether same day surgery is an option in your plan of care. If you are scheduled for same day surgery, you will be given an appointment for your admission after 3 p.m. the day prior to your surgery. Prior to your surgery you will be given specific instructions about your surgery and recovery.

Post-anesthesia Care Unit, or PACU: After receiving anesthesia for surgery or procedure, a patient is sent to us to recover from their procedure and wake up. Patients are admitted immediately after surgery. Once a patient has recovered from the initial phase of anesthesia they will be transferred to the same day surgery area or medical-surgical inpatient unit by the nursing staff.

Contact Us

Location: Building 255, Second Floor

Hours: Monday through Friday, 5:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


  • Clinic: 757-764-6746, DSN: 574-6746
  • Pre-anesthesia Clinic: 757-764-6475

Fax: 757-225-7004, for pre-anesthesia clinic; indicate: "Attention of the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic Nurse"

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