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Pediatric Clinic

The Langley Pediatric Clinic provides care to TRICARE beneficiaries from newborn to 18 years old. Make appointments by calling the Hampton Roads Appointment Center at 866-645-4584 or by sending a message to the Langley Pediatric Clinic via the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

Wellness/Well-child Exams

These visits should be conducted at the identified ages of 3-5 days old; 2 weeks; 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 months; and then annually near the child’s birthday. Immunizations will be coordinated with these visits.

Some benefits of well-child visits are:

  • Prevention. Your child gets scheduled immunizations to prevent illness. You also can ask your pediatrician about nutrition and safety in the home and at school.
  • Tracking growth and development. See how much your child has grown in the time since your last visit and talk with your doctor about your child's development. You can discuss your child's milestones, social behaviors, and learning.
  • Raising any concerns. Make a list of topics you want to talk about with your child's pediatrician, such as development, behavior, sleep, eating or getting along with other family members. Bring your top three to five questions or concerns with you to talk with your pediatrician at the start of the visit.
  • Team approach. Regular visits create strong, trustworthy relationships among pediatrician, parent, and child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends well-child visits as a way for pediatricians and parents to serve the needs of children. This team approach helps develop the optimal physical, mental, and social health of a child.

School Physicals

Local school districts require a Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form to be completed when entering a new school and within 12 months of school start. Parents/guardians should request this document be completed in conjunction with their child’s wellness exam to prevent a delay in school entrance and to avoid the summertime rush.

Exceptional Family Member Program

An appointment to complete EFMP enrollment or recertification is not required if a child has completed a physical within the last year and no new medical concerns have developed or been diagnosed since the physical. Sponsors can bring the EFMP packet to the Langley Pediatric clinic front desk for review and completion by the PCM team. Please note, packet completion can take 7-10 duty days based on specialty record availability and complexity of medical conditions.
  • ECHO and Respite care applications are processed through the EFMP office. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder medication renewals/refills:

ADHD medications are only prescribed for a maximum of 90 days under U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency policy. An appointment, in accordance with the outlined schedule, must be conducted to obtain a refill.
  • 30 days after initial prescription (virtual or in person depending on provider recommendation).
  • 30 days after any dosage change (in person).
  • Every 90 days for refills (virtual or in person, depending on provider recommendation).
  • Every 180 days for weight, blood pressure, and effectiveness check (in person).
  • There are no exceptions to the appointment timeline policy.
 Please be sure to schedule refill/follow-up appointments well in advance to avoid running out of medication.

Fracture/Orthopedic Referral

If a patient is diagnosed with a fracture at an off-base facility and needs an orthopedic referral, a copy of the X-ray CD needs to be taken to the Langley radiology department to upload into the patients record. All documents from off-base facilities should be dropped off at the Langley Pediatric Clinic front desk for placement in the patient’s record and to generate a message to the PCM team for referral placement.

Referral Process:

The local Military Health System has the first right of refusal for specialty referrals. If the specialty exists at an MTF, the MTF has the right to provide care for the specific need versus deferring the referral to an off-base network specialist.  The Langley Pediatric Clinic does not hold the authority to decide the location at which a referral is sent. 

If a referral is appointed to an MTF, the approval will take approximately 48-72 hours, at which time an appointment can be made by contacting the HRAC.

The status of network referrals can be tracked at; select Referrals and Authorizations at the top of the webpage.

Late/No Show Policy:

The Langley Pediatric Clinic follows Defense Health Agency policy, which outlines a missed or late appointment as one being more than 10 minutes past the appointment time. The clinic will make all efforts to work the patient into another appointment before the end of the day based on provider availability but cannot guarantee a same-day appointment.

Immunization Records

Immunizations records are available to download and print from the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. Select Health Record at the top of the webpage, click Immunizations on the left, and use the drop down under Viewing health record for to select the correct patient.  The print button is in the upper right corner of the webpage.

Dependents in MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

All dependents are listed under the sponsor on the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. To grant access to another parent/guardian other than the sponsor, the sponsor must log onto the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal using the DS Logon option (CAC logon will not provide the options necessary to adjust access). Select Change Relationships. The Change Relationships screen will show all available dependents and family members registered under the sponsor in DEERS. Adjust as you deem appropriate and click Finish.
  • If a family member is missing from the Change Relationships screen, please contact the DEERS office for assistance. 
  • You do not need to set up multi-factor authentication for DS Logon unless you desire that level of security; you can select skip at the bottom of the logon screen.
  • Issues with MHS GENESIS Patient Portal accounts may be addressed by calling 800-600-9332. Pediatric clinic personnel cannot access or correct Patient Portal account errors.
  • Under HIPAA Privacy Rules, patients over the age of 12 must give consent to parents/guardian or other sponsor for access to their records.

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Hampton Roads Appointment Line – 866-645-4584
Fax: 757-764-1068


Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Training days held the third Thursday of each month; clinic hours vary on these days
77 Nealy Ave.

Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA

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